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Neximage 5 and Coronado PST

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on February 8, 2013 by Andrew

Been a long while since I have posted on my blog. LMAO…glad I still remember my password!.
Anyway….life as of late has been up and down. I lost my dad last April. It has been tough not having him around! 😦
On the good side of life,I have a wee bit more time at the moment for star gazing. Albeit cold, I HATE the cold!.
Santa was very giving to me this past Christmas and I found a brand new Neximage 5 in my stocking!. It is a nice 5 Mega pixel that has much higher resolution than the Meade LPI that I was using. *Funny story time!*…. I asked Santa for a new imager because, the LPI I have been using got zapped by static electricity. I was sitting on a plastic chair in the observatory when I suddenly stood up to adjust the ccd imager. All of a sudden, I felt and heard a snap coming from my hand. I looked over at the monitor and the live image of the sun that I had just been watching,had suddenly gone from a crisp image to a live screen with multi colored lines. In disgust,I left the camera for dead and made a Christmas plea.. After getting the new cam, I was about to junk the LPI when I decided to give the crippled cam one more college try. hey…it worked!. Only after I tweaked the video settings. Some how the static shock scrambled the settings! Hmm, live and learn I guess?!. One nice aspect of the new Neximage 5 and it’s higher resolution is,I can see waaaay more detail on the suns surface than ever before!.
So, as I have poured over the web,it is supposedly not possible to get the PST to focus with a Neximage 5. I had tried about everything I could think of when it suddenly hit me. Why not use the lens I got with the MaxDSLR adaptor I bought 5 years ago. Voila, it worked!!!!!!…Yaaaaay!
Just in time because, solar activity has really picked up in the past couple months.
I will be posting some older images of the sun in a few days.
I will however post a few shots I took this early afternoon.
I set my sights on the sun once again today, and WOW…their is some really serious activity going on.
I noticed a huge prominence on the suns eastern limb and a smaller looping prominence on the the western limb.
Huge prominence

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