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Sunspot 953 and the ISS transit!!

Posted in International Space Station on May 28, 2007 by Andrew

Well,after 5 months of waiting only to be disappointed,due to either foul weather or a last minute engine burn to raise the ISS orbit.I was FINALLY able to get a shot of a International Space Station transiting the sun!!!!!!.I don’t mean to brag……..but,gosh darnit,I can’t help it…WOOHOO!!!.HAHAHAHAHA,I believe everyone within a half mile radius heard me?!.After a long but,very productive day.I arrived home with a e-mail from Calsky stating that a ISS transit was going to happen in less than a hour and after a few minutes of thought I decided to give it a try.The skies were clear but,a stiff breeze from the NE was blowing and that was making me question my sanity.My next question to myself was “where do I set the scope up that is away from the stronger breeze”?.I decided on my neighbors front yard.Nobody lives there at the moment and what would it hurt?.So I quickly set the scope up but,had a tough time finding the sun in the eye piece (believe me,it is harder than it sounds)!.After a few tense minutes,I finally found it and focused.By the time I had found it, only a few minutes were left for the event….3 minutes to be exact and I still needed to attach the “T”adaptor,the camera and achieve focus through the viewfinder.When all was done,I only had what I believe was less than 10 seconds left before the transit.With my eye never leaving the viewfinder,I finally caught a dark streak that was moving extremely fast.So fast as a matter of fact that I barely had time to press the camera remote!.The transit duration was only 1 second and that was across the whole disc of the sun!.I really wanted to get the ISS and sunspot #953 together but,my reflexes are a bit slow…hahahaha.

On the subject of sunspot #953.If you have the proper filter I would suggest taking a look before it exits our view on the eastern limb!.

Never look directly at the sun without a proper solar filter or severe injury or blindness may occur!

Image credit: Andrew

ISS transit


ISS and sunspot

Sunspot 953

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