Hello, my name is Andrew (bongo69),and Vermont is where I now call home.I work as a Stone mason in New Hampshire USA, and have worked with stone for more than 25 years.My interest in astronomy started about 36 years ago,when I received a small 2.5″ refractor scope for Christmas.What a thrill it was to be able to look up at the night sky and see the moon close up.That was just the beginning!.That same winter,I actually saw Saturn for the very first time.I believe it was about 1-2 Am ,and I was just hopping from one star to another.All of a sudden…..boom…there was Saturn.I ran into the house, and immediately woke my father.He didn’t let on,but I knew he wasn’t very happy with me.Dear old dad answered many questions that I had about Saturn,even though he was still half asleep.I waited for him to tell me to put the scope away and go to bed, but he just said “don’t stay up too late!”.After,when he went back to sleep,I panned around some more and came across a binary star system.I never new such a thing existed.COOL!!.WOW…I really am attracted to shiny objects!.

I bought a 10″Meade LXD75 Schmidt Newtonian scope along with a Pentax istDS DSLR in the late summer of 2005.Since that time,I have added several different scopes including a Coronado PST,a Losmandy G11 G2 mount,and a observatory for year round enjoyment.

My experience with astrophotography never began until mid August 2005 and my images reflect the learning curve involved.

Above the clouds is all about images that I have shot and the learning curve involved.I want people to see what I see!!.With the exception of one photo,which is a area photo of where I live, taken from the International Space Station.All other photos are mine.Their are many blogs out there that have up to the minute astronomy news and information, but only a select few have added some of their own material (which by the way,makes for good reading and inspires me to try harder at astrophotography).

E-mail: bongo69ster@gmail.com

Clear skies and enjoy!

Thunderstorm 2005!!


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