Big looping prominence yesterday

Been a busy few days cleaning up after the Winter season. We had a lot of wind this Winter,which brought down branches. The lawn is covered in a floating mattress of willow,and other assorted species of tree. The other messes are from snow plows. They have either stripped the lawn of sod,and deposited them along the driveway in large scattered clumps,or thrown large amounts of gravel ,and stone onto the lawn. Time to rent a sweeper as the area to rake is at least 400 ft long!.
Well,in between raking,and playing the role of “Ax man” ,I managed to sneak out to the observatory for some daytime viewing. As suspected,the sun is currently riddled with sunspots,with a few prominence’s on the Western limb.
Sorry the orientation is wrong 🙂



2 Responses to “Big looping prominence yesterday”

  1. I’ve been noticing lots of those sun spots, too. Yesterday was cloudy but it’s clear today! Awesome picture. 🙂

  2. Thank you!. I was questioning whether or not I would get any pix. I performed a firmware upgrade on my mount and it is acting buggy.

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