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Sinus Iridum and the Neximage 5

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Here is a image of the moon from earlier in the week. It shows what is called the Sinus Iridum which is located on the lower left of the moon. The darker crater just North of Sinus iridum is called “Plato”. Most of the large craters seen in this image can easily be seen with binoculars. Plato is quite large at 61 miles across!.
This is without question the most detailed shot of the Sinus Iridum I have ever taken!!. 😀


Our busy sun

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I am still cleaning the yards,which is why I haven’t posted lately. Ugh…never ending raking…lol
We had a clear day yesterday with good transparency. Which makes a huge difference when observing or imaging. Those of you with telescopes will know what I mean.Picture looking down a paved road on a really hot day. That is what bad transparency looks like. It makes it almost impossible to achieve a decent focus.
So anyway, in between raking,and other cleaning, I kept sneaking out to the observatory to do some imaging….hehehehehe!.
During my seemingly back and forth trips to the scope.I was treated to actually seeing a difference in prominence shape.I see a time lapse vid of a prominence in full breathing action!.





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While looking through some of the images I have taken in the past few weeks. I came across Sunspot # 1711 that could easily fit 5 Earths inside with room to spare. It also looks remarkably like the volley ball Tom Hanks named Wilson, on the movie “Castaway” ..
What are your thoughts?.

Big looping prominence yesterday

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Been a busy few days cleaning up after the Winter season. We had a lot of wind this Winter,which brought down branches. The lawn is covered in a floating mattress of willow,and other assorted species of tree. The other messes are from snow plows. They have either stripped the lawn of sod,and deposited them along the driveway in large scattered clumps,or thrown large amounts of gravel ,and stone onto the lawn. Time to rent a sweeper as the area to rake is at least 400 ft long!.
Well,in between raking,and playing the role of “Ax man” ,I managed to sneak out to the observatory for some daytime viewing. As suspected,the sun is currently riddled with sunspots,with a few prominence’s on the Western limb.
Sorry the orientation is wrong 🙂


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