Their’s a lot of black spots on the sun today…

A large sunspot has appeared on the suns eastern limb today. I suspected their would be a rise in activity,after seeing a large fluctuation in the dynamic pressure a couple days ago. ,and a geomagnetic storm warning was issued ,but has since been cancelled as of 19:44 UTC.
We had some clear skies today and made it out to the observatory for some imaging.
The first image shows a close up of the large sunspot as it made it’s way around the eastern limb.






2 Responses to “Their’s a lot of black spots on the sun today…”

  1. You have some mighty impressive photographs from today! I just posted my set. Thanks so much for letting me know I should look! Enjoyed three different viewings so I watched the monster spot travel.

  2. Thank you!. I will pop over to your site and check them out. The Sun is pretty addicting isn’t it ? ! 🙂

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