Sunspot #1704

Sunspot # 1704 is slowly making it’s way across the Northern hemisphere.The sun is quite calm at the moment,with very little activity. This is not a typical solar maximum. Normally during a solar maximum ,the sun’s surface tends to be freckled with spots.As of yesterday,the sun only had two small active regions. The first,and largest is #1704 ,which is slightly larger than two Earths wide. The second area is south of #1704. That area actually didn’t have a designated number until yesterday afternoon,and is now sunspot #1705
From what I had seen yesterdays observations,the activity is going to start picking up in a few more days. On SOHO’s website,a much larger sunspot is coming into view on the sun’s eastern limb,and is located near the equator. If you have a solar filter I suggest taking a look. I know I will!!.

Some of the other indicators of increasing activity are from huge prominence’s I imaged.Also located on the eastern limb. One prominence resembles a extremely large mushroom cloud. Which,as of today has fanned out into a large canopy.

It is currently overcast here,but the cloud cover seems to be thinning a bit. I am hoping to get some current sun images today.


5 Responses to “Sunspot #1704”

  1. I know I’ll be using my solar filter! šŸ™‚

  2. I think their will be some big ones coming in the next week?!. Can’t wait to see your shots!.

  3. I am unfamiliar with solar filters… yet another thing I need to figure out. Would love to have the ability to view the sun, at least then I could make use of my telescope on these clear days when the clouds seem to enjoy ruining things at night for me šŸ˜›

  4. Solar filters are nice to have for the exact reasons that you stated. I have a white light filter and a Coronado PST ,which is a dedicated solar scope that utilizes a h-alpha filter. The two shots I posted were shot using both types of filters. The sunspot was shot with the white light filter,and to get the shot showing the prominence’s I used the PST. Both shots were acquired using a Neximage 5.

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