Comet Panstarrs thank you very much!

It seems that Mother nature has been playing games with me?!. Our local weather forecasters have trouble getting anything right. It was to be sunny ,and warm yesterday.Unfortunately, they didn’t get it right…again!. Until last night,when the sky suddenly cleared ( for about a hour) ,and comet Panstarrs was high enough to image. I have been gunning for this comet since it became visible in the Northern hemisphere. Non stop clouds have thwarted any attempt at even seeing this freshly discovered comet. I finally got a shot with the DSLR,which is better than not at all!.
Yay me!!


4 Responses to “Comet Panstarrs thank you very much!”

  1. Very nice 🙂 The only night it stayed clear enough here for me was on a few nights I was working, then the one night I got chased away by security and didnt get a chance to try again 😀

  2. Thanks!. Oh yeah,I remember that post you wrote !. That is kind of a hazing thing in astronomy. I had the cops called on me .The report was I had a bazooka ,and was going to blow up the court house. Lol,actually that is a post I wrote in my blog way back in 2006-2007.
    Typical though…work on the really good nights ,and nasty clouds on days off.

  3. Glad you got to see and grab a photo of the PANStarrs. Living very close to the mountains, and mixed in with the cloud cover, my chance to view it has been very poor.

    (Thanks for the *Like*. It’s much appreciated.)

  4. Thank you David!. I am in pretty much the same boat as you. I am tucked in a valley surrounded by hills. The weather has been less than desirable as well. I am hoping the clouds stay away early this evening as it is clear. If I can,I am hoping the comet will be high enough for to unleash my big scope on it. I would like to get some CCD images of the comet. The wall of my observatory is quite high,which hinders how close to the horizon I can get.
    You are welcome for the like 🙂

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