The Orion nebula

It has been quite some time since I have taken an image of the “Great Hunter” Orion. In fact,it has been about 4 years. I took this image on March 9.
Their are a few myth’s associated with Orion. some of which can be found here ;



8 Responses to “The Orion nebula”

  1. I absolutely love this shot. I’m really wanting to get this shot. I’ve tried twice and one came out alright and the other not so good. What were your settings if you don’t mind sharing?

  2. The image was shot with a Pentax dslr. The exposure time was only 103 seconds. The ISO setting was 200 so as to not introduce noise. The file format was set to raw. I try to stay away from the JPG format due to data loss.
    Thank you for the kind words 🙂
    Orion is a spectacular object to image. Lol…I just haven’t visited it very much in the past few years.

  3. What lens did you use for it? or did you use a telescope? And is that one shot or did you stack for 103 seconds? I’m really wanting to learn this. Sorry to bother you about this

  4. This shot was a prime focus image using a 10″ Meade SN telescope. It is a single shot that was processed using PS cs6. No bother 🙂 ask as many questions as you need. I am here to help.

  5. Thanks. I have a 4″ telescope which I’ve tried to capture the Nebula before with no luck. I’m gonna try again soon. Thanks again

  6. I will be giving it another go as well. At the moment,I am under heavy cloud cover 😦
    Good luck!.

  7. Curious if you have any experience using multiple exposure sets or video’s for your photography? As I have been reading a bit into astrophotography, I have come across people who talk about using frames from a video as well as taking 100’s of single couple second exposure in order to stack to get the full sequence exposure.

    As both of these are avenues I am exploring, would be interested to hear your thoughts and gear that you use. 🙂

  8. I typically shoot both video, and single shot, including DSLR ,and ccd. I like shooting with video as it offers more control as to what frames to keep or discard. For deep space I will either use a DSLR or a CCD. DSLR for wide angle images or CCD which fills most of the frame. It isn’t uncommon for me to take 4-500 images with a ccd ,which automatically stacks them during imaging. When shooting video, the software saves the images in a avi file that I stack when I begin to process.

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