Another image of the Moon with the Neximage 5

I am quite impressed with the new camera . .lol “yes I know, I keep saying that!”.
Here is a different view taken with the Neximage 5. The image is slightly North of the image in my previous post.
The large crater near the top of center is Aristoteles. It was named for after the 4th century BC Greek philosopher Aristote.
The crater Aristoteles is a massive crater measuring 54 miles/90 Km’s in diameter,and it’s walls are approximately 11,200 ft high.
Using a from Purdue University,I roughly calculated the size of the asteroid that created this crater. As I said, it was just a rough calculation targeted for the Earth and NOT the Moon. I also drew the conclusion that our atmosphere would have zero effect on the incoming asteroid given it’s size and velocity.
If the calculations are correct. The size of the crater was caused by a asteroid measuring a little under 4.5 miles in diameter.


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