Neximage 5 and our Moon

The new Neximage 5 has been busy taking images of either our Sun or ,of Jupiter. Any chances of getting an image of the moon has been thwarted by clouds, cold,or the fact that it has been full when the sky has been clear. My chance to get out ,and capture images with the new camera came yesterday. We had a bright blue sky,but the wind was really cold . Being in the observatory made observing/imaging tolerable.The sky,even though it was clear,was pretty turbulent,and looking at the Sun was like looking at a paved road on a very hot day.
This is the first time I have ever used this imager to capture shots of the Moon. I was quite impressed with the detail I was able to see on the monitor. I shot 12 short video’s ,but haven’t had much time processing with Registax 6.
Below is a shot of the Moon,and the Apennine mountains. This mountain range is quite close to the Apollo 15 landing site.

Image credit : Me

Neximage 5 Moon


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