Jupiter and great red spot

Jupiter a.k.a Jove is not only the Roman God of thunder, but is also like the bodyguard for our solar system. Commonly deflecting or absorbing bullets known as comets and asteroids. It has taken the brunt of many massive impacts including the infamous Shoemaker/Levy 9, an asteroid that was captured by Jupiter’s intense gravity broke up, and caused major damage on the Jovian planet.

One of the features worth taking a look at is, Jupiter’s great red spot. Very much like a hurricane/typhoon on our planet. It does have it’s differences as it has been churning for more than 300 years. Their have been a few wanna be spots that have formed, but were short lived, or absorbed into the red spot.

Below is an image that I took in Fall of 2011. The skies were nice,and clean with only a hint of humidity. The image was shot using a 10″ Meade Schmidt Newtonian and a Meade LPI. I believe it is a stack of 250 sub frames,and processed with PS elements.

Clear skies!.


12 Responses to “Jupiter and great red spot”

  1. Interesting post, I never heared about it…but you have some grammar mistakes in your text. Like: skies…is there more than one sky xD? And also: a image it should be: an image. I don’t want to be rude, really, I’m just saying :).

    • Wow ,instead of just enjoying the hard work of imaging and the short ramblings of information I provided. You take the opportunity to correct me on spelling. Hmmm….now that the lesson is over,I WILL now correct any and all errors so,you don’t get a headache!.
      Clear SKIES!
      P.S Yes,their are more than one sky for seeing. It is quite the same as saying to a sailor “May you calm seas ahead” .

      • Oh, I did read your whole post. I even said your post is interesting, but you have quite many mistakes… I really didn’t want to be rude, and no it isn’t a big problem for me, but for you. I don’t think scientists and astronomers say “skies”, but I might be wrong, but I’d never say that as an English student and I’ll ask my English teacher anyway :).

  2. The term “Clear skies” in astronomy is a way of saying good luck. Much like saying to a actor “break a leg” for good luck. Feel free to peruse the web for this terminology.

  3. Great image. I wish I was that good at planetary imaging. My friend Michael is a wiz at it. Luckily, I have some skill in DSO’s.

  4. Great image. I wish I was as good at planetary imaging (it is harder than it looks). My friend Michael is a wiz at planetary stuff. Luckily, I have some skills with DSO’s.

  5. Thank you Norman!. Yes, planetary imaging make for a tough room!. I am hit and miss in that department. I like DSO imaging as well. It has been quite cold this season and my bones get chilled quick. Warmer weather is around the corner so, I will be spending more time in the obsy soon.

  6. Great image. I can only aspire to a shot like that at the moment.
    Still waiting for my “high in the sky” opportunity and a cool night.
    Well done, 10 gold stars on the fridge door :O)

  7. Thank you!. 10 gold stars….I am rockin the blog world πŸ˜€

  8. wow…. sharp clear πŸ˜‰

  9. Thank you!. The transparency was really good that night.

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