Solar prominence 2/07/13

Well, we weathered the snow storm quite well considering it was predicted to be far worse. So, thank you Mother nature!. We received 10 inches of the white stuff while my friends on the New England coast have upwards of 3 feet in areas and it is still coming down!. Good luck guys!.
The sun is now peeking through the clouds and is forecast to be clear by the end of the day. The wind is blowing quite hard out of the north gusting to 25 mph and temps are slowly rising from a low of 12 F this morning. Looks like I have some shoveling to do around the observatory so,no observing/imaging today!. :(….well, maybe not !.
The suns activity has been slow to organize into Solar maximum and I predict it will this early summer. This does not mean that the hasn’t been throwing tantrums. It just means that the tantrums have been mild and less than constant . The increasing activity is a bonus for my Coronado PST and I have seen some wonderful sights with it. Starting from almost the get go of buying it,I was astounded by the activity,even from 4 years ago.
Here is a image of a looping prominence imaged on Feb 7,2013
The orientation of the image is not correct ( note to myself,be sure to orient the camera next time ) and area of the prominence is actually on the eastern limb on the the Northern hemisphere.
This prominence,while appearing rather small is still large enough to accommodate several Earths inside the plasma loop.
Prominence 2/7/13


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