Sunspot # 1092

Yes,I am still here although getting free time to post has become a chore. A HUGE sunspot has made its way around to the Earth side and is now blessing us with quite a object to watch.Not paying a whole lot of attention to what was happening on the suns surface I happened to take a look at the SOHO website and was amazed at the size of sunspot #1092.I have a new Coronado PST and had some time for myself so,I made plans to take it out .I didnt want to take the scope out if not much was happening.I guess I am lazy like that?!.After all,it requires setting the big scope up and piggy backing the PST for tracking.It may not seem like much but, that is no small job in its self :).The sunspot is as of yesterday was about (my estimation) 3-4 earths in size.Today it is a little bigger and the structure has changed a bit as well.

Their is also lots of activity not including the sunspot which had grabbed my attention as well.Since I had bought the solar scope,I was used to seeing 3 or 4 prominences every time I had taken it out for fresh air.As of yesterday however,all that had changed.The whole outer rim was seething with prominences…..Yaaaaaaay!!

click image to enlarge

The skies were quite clear which increased the detail making it possible to see the surrounding structure on the new sunspot.

click on image to enlarge

Here is a closer look at this sunspot using a Meade LPI and a 2X barlow

click on image to enlarge


3 Responses to “Sunspot # 1092”

  1. That is a massive sunspot. O_O I have absolutely no experience in taking pictures of space, even though it’s been something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’d also probably burn my eyes out somehow taking a picture of the Sun. 😛

    Astronomy really interests me, but I guess I really don’t feel I have the time for astrophotos. Good luck with yours!

  2. […] morning a more unique solar event occurred from the current sunspot 1092. A class C3 solar flare was unleashed from this spot along with a nearly simultaneous magnetic […]

  3. Hi Tim,You would need a solar filter to see and to take pix.You wouldnt want to look at the sun with a unaided eye.I ruined a good eye piece a few weeks ago by just putting a white light filter on my scope.If you have a interest in astronomy and astrophotography then I think it would be a worth while to investigate it.It is very easy to do…:)

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