Heh,I know I keep saying this but,”I am still here”.I just wanted to write a quick post to let everyone know that I am still here.I haven’t been on line much since a lightning storm wrecked my desktop Pc.I had spent the morning finishing yard work so,I left for a shopping trip and all was well.You know…warm weather a bright sunshine?!.The result of the day was quite the opposite!!!.While I was out,a bad storm had scattered tree branches (along with other debris) all over the freshly mowed lawns.Ugh…more cleanup!.While cleaning the yard…yet again.I never gave the Pc a thought since I was so busy.When I finally did get a chance to go on line I realised that my Pc was completely dead.Sadly,all my pix that I had taken are gone as well.I have a pretty bad habit of NOT backing up my files so unfortunately,all is lost.

Now,I have joined the 21st century and have purchased a new laptop (which I am typing this post on) plus,I am waiting for the telephone company to come a fix the phone lines and help install a wireless router.

Hope I will be on more often very soon?!!!!.


4 Responses to “Stuff…..”

  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of all your data, Andrew. Next step is to do what I did: invest in a 300-GB External Hard Drive and backup *everything*.

    Never give up, never surrender – to the pc monsters!

  2. 🙂 Pc monsters here I come…..grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!.
    Ironically,I had a disc ready to copy and just got lazy.It won’t happen again (fingers crossed)
    It is really good to hear from you again!!!.

  3. Lol, I used the welcome to the 21st century in my reply to your comment without knowing you used it too, good to see your back again.

  4. Hahahaha,only took me 9 years to join everyone in the 21st century.Who says a old dog can’t learn new tricks?! 🙂
    Thanks Bob,it is good to be back!!.

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