M104 (Sombrero Galaxy)

Yes,I’m still here.I have been really busy cleaning the yard from all the winter storm damage.

One of the other objects that I got some images of a while back is of the Sombrero galaxy.Once again,this is a object that is really tough to see in light polluted skies so,I was quite happy to see it clearly through the eye piece in dark skies.

This brilliant galaxy was named the Sombrero Galaxy because of its appearance. According to de Vaucouleurs, we view it from just 6 degrees south of its equatorial plane, which is outlined by a rather thick dark rim of obscuring dust. This dust lane was probably the first discovered, by William Herschel in his great reflector.

The Sombrero galaxy can be seen the constellation Virgo at a visual mag of +8.0 and is almost 50 million light years distant.

Information credit: SEDS

Image credit: Andrew



2 Responses to “M104 (Sombrero Galaxy)”

  1. Great shot, I know how hard it is to image from a light polluted area.

  2. Hello Andrew!

    Thanks a lot for putting the link and see http://iya2009sl.blogspot.com
    I have done the same..

    Thanks again!

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