Sun halo

I didn’t have a chance to see the full moon due to clouds and snow but,I WAS treated to a icebow,which is a  atmospheric phenomenon caused by light being refracted by ice crystals high in the atmosphere.Seeing the halo was by chance as I had decided to step outside to get a breath of fresh air when I suddenly saw a very bright sundog.imgp4372

In a short period of time (5-10 minutes) the sundog grew into a halo which brightened and became more colorful as time wore on 🙂 .


Image credit:Andrerw


9 Responses to “Sun halo”

  1. Cool shot – It’s been cold down here too (well, cold for us anyway…). Hope you get some clear weather!

  2. bellatrixorionis Says:

    Fab images, it’s never been cold enough for icebows here.

  3. skythisweek Says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Guess what, I’m still around? Been a while. Happy New Year 2009!


  4. Thanks Ed,it is kind of funny how mother nature likes to play pranks on us.Last year at this time we had about 6 feet of snow on the ground.This year we have been hit with cold temps and clouds.Still,their is enough snow on the ground to put a halt to observing.I have been quite busy in my personal life to have very little time for night time entertainment.Soon things will change.

  5. Hello bellatrixorionis and thankyou for the kind words!.It was a lot of fun seeing the icebow but,the resulting weather kind of evened it out.This morning I awoke to temps that were flirting with the 30F below zero range.As I type this reply,the temps are at a balmy 4F degrees above zero.Hahahahaha,heatwave!!!!!! 🙂

  6. It is really good to hear from you Vern and Happy 2009 to you and your family as well.I just visited your new site and must say,it is just awesome with the usual fantastic shots of yours.I especially like the comet image!!!!.Sooon my friend,I will have a shot of it for myself!.

  7. bellatrixorionis Says:

    It’s about 3C here tonight, but the wind chill has probably taken it below zero. 30F wow that’s cold. Hope it warms up a bit for you.

  8. Cool photos, nice job.

  9. Hi Andrew,

    Nice photos, as usual. I need to catch up on your blog.

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