The night sky of winter

I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say “The night sky in winter is perhaps the best time of year for observing”!.Of course,like the other seasons it does have it’s issues such as;the bone chilling cold,winds that seem to go right through a person and lets not forget the persistent precipitation….even when the skies are clear!.Regardless,winter in the Northern hemisphere offers spectacular views.One of my all time favorites is seeing the Pleiades and the Hyades star clusters which are being followed by Orion “the hunter”.I haven’t had much time to bring the scopes out so,any observing I have done has been by eyes or with a pair of borrowed bino’s.



4 Responses to “The night sky of winter”

  1. If it just wasn’t so cold – the Winter night sky is awash in great things to see.

  2. bellatrixorionis Says:

    I’m sure I look like the abominable snowwoman when out with my ‘scope, but on the upside, the nights are longer giving more viewing time (providing the clouds don’t suddenly appear)

  3. Winter has a interesting trade off.Beautiful objects and extreme temps.If I wasn’t so busy,I definitely WOULD have the scopes out at night with plenty of hot chocolate!!!!.

  4. bellatrixorionis Says:

    It would be nice to take the ‘scope out more often, but either lack of time or bad weather always manage to put a spanner in the works. Tonight is a perfect example. Very cold, therefore very clear sky, but blowing a gale on the northwest coast! I always think being an astronomer teaches you patience and perseverance.

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