Venus,Jupiter and moon conjunction

A Venus,Jupiter and crescent moon conjunction….what a great way to end the first day of December!. It was sunny for a good share of the day but,as luck would have it,clouds began to roll in just as the sun was setting and before the sky had turned completely dark it was overcast.I did manage to get a few images in between clouds and for that I am thankful.About 15 minutes after the image below was shot,it began to rain/sleet 😦 . Mother nature has a strange sense of humor!.Earlier in the day at about 1:30pm, I spotted the crescent moon with Venus just to the west.Unfortunately,Jupiter couldn’t be seen at that time.As you could imagine…I was pretty excited!!!. If you haven’t already seen the event yet,just look to the western skies.You won’t be disapointed!!!.



click on image to enlarge


8 Responses to “Venus,Jupiter and moon conjunction”

  1. I was lucky enough to see it, too, right about sundown. Later, when my evening class ended, and I was able to go back outside again, it was gone.

  2. Cool! And welcome back! I hope you’re able to get out and image some soon. There’s a lot of great stuff visible right now.

  3. Hi dhconcerts and welcome!.Yeah,the event was beautiful to see.Unfortunately,Venus and Jupiter set pretty early in the evening sky making the observing window quite narrow.I am glad that you were able to witness the show!. 🙂

  4. Thanks Ed,it is nice to be back!.I hope to do some imaging soon?!.At the moment I am very busy and will be for a while.I agree that the winter season has lots of great things to see.Heh,I just wish it wasn’t so gosh darn cold.Guess it is time for that thermos filled with hot cocoa!.

  5. December 7, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks bro’!!!.Now if only the skies would clear up so I could bring the scope out for some fresh air.That would make a good b-day!.

  7. Thanks Jared,hope school is treating you well! 🙂

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