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Too much ice :(

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This is yet another observing season that has gotten off to a bad start.Not only does my work schedule have me away from my scopes and pc several days a week but,when I do have the time to observe,the weather seems to go down hill the moment I arrive home.As some of you may have heard (or seen) much of the north eastern U.S was covered in a thick layer of ice,causing numerous car accidents and  blackouts for  thousands of people.Many of whom are still without power.We here were pretty lucky in the  blackout department as we only lost power for a day and a half.Aside from the lack of electric power,we were quite comfortable.I had the woodstove roaring which kept the house at a comfy 75 degrees and a gas stove (kitchen) for cooking.

On Saturday,the sun peeked through the clouds which caused the ice covered trees to glissen as if they were made of lead crystal.It kind of reminded me of a scene from the movie  Superman.Power was restored late that same day and we returned to our normal daily routines. 

Perhaps I will be able to get some eye piece time in soon if mother nature cooperates.My fingers are crossed!!!!.

The images below were taken at my home in Vt last Saturday.




Venus,Jupiter and moon conjunction

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A Venus,Jupiter and crescent moon conjunction….what a great way to end the first day of December!. It was sunny for a good share of the day but,as luck would have it,clouds began to roll in just as the sun was setting and before the sky had turned completely dark it was overcast.I did manage to get a few images in between clouds and for that I am thankful.About 15 minutes after the image below was shot,it began to rain/sleet 😦 . Mother nature has a strange sense of humor!.Earlier in the day at about 1:30pm, I spotted the crescent moon with Venus just to the west.Unfortunately,Jupiter couldn’t be seen at that time.As you could imagine…I was pretty excited!!!. If you haven’t already seen the event yet,just look to the western skies.You won’t be disapointed!!!.



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