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Venus and Jupiter conjunction

Posted in Uncategorized on November 30, 2008 by Andrew

Hello all!. I am still here,although time spent here at my pc is limited.I am pretty well settled in here in VT and enjoying the quiet dark skies whenever possible.The month of November in these parts is typically overcast as the season slowly turns to winter so,any observing is by chance/luck.On the nights that it is clear,I spend as much time observing with the bino’s as possible or just using my eyes.The skies up here are fabulously dark and as I have said before,I am able to see the Double cluster and Andromeda with the naked eye!! :p .One of the other objects that I am amazed at seeing in such dark skies is the constellation Orion.I am used to seeing this crowd pleaser from a light polluted area and even though it’s shape can easily be distinguished,the surrounding stars are not visible.Here in a dark location however,the mighty hunter stands quite majestically among his friends.

One of the early evening treats that we all can enjoy is the sight of Jupiter and Venus as they seem to be going hand in hand into the sunset together.Just look to the western skies and you will notice 2 incredibly bright looking objects.The brightest of the two is Venus at -4 mag and just above is Jupter at a -2 mag.The night of November 30th (tonight!) the two will be seen about 2 degrees from each other making this one of the best conjunctions of the year.Unfortunately for me the sky is to be cloudy with a snow/rain mix….ugh!!!.

Below is a wide field shot that I took with my dslr just after sunset.


and for all the bird watchers out there…….below is a shot of a Blue jay that I also took.These birds are ravenous pigs at the bird feeder!!!!!.


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