NGC 869,NGC 884 (The Double Cluster)

One of the other naked eye objects that I took images of is of the Double cluster.As I mentioned in my last post,this cluster was easily seen without optical aide which is one of the objects that I can’t see naked eye, when observing in the middle of town.This is obviously due to the fact that this cluster is located to my north which happens to be directly over the middle of town.So,all I see in that direction are a few brighter stars shrouded by the pinkish glow of street lights.

I had written a post previously about the Double cluster including a image and thought that it looked pretty nice with what I thought at the time included lots of stars.Heh,I decided to compare the two images and to my surprise,the most recent shot has probably 3 times as many stars as the old one.Dark skies dark skies dark skies!!!.That is what it is all about.The difference is truely amazing!!!.

The famous double cluster in Perseus was known in antique times (probably even pre-historically), and first cataloged by the Greek astronomer Hipparcos.
Both clusters are situated in Perseus and are only a few hundred light-years appart, at a distance of over 7000 light years.
At a visual mag of +4.3,NGC 869 is approaching us at 22 km per second.
At a visual mag of +4.4,NGC 884 is also approaching us at a slightly slower 21 km per second.



5 Responses to “NGC 869,NGC 884 (The Double Cluster)”

  1. Awesome photograph man!

  2. Thanks school boy……hahahahahaha 🙂
    Hope your studies are going well!.

  3. Great shot, lol I just took a shot of them last night, pretty good, problem is with me that my light pollution is so bad, anything over 15 seconds was impossible without crappy light messing it up, will probably post it in a later post. I would really like to get my scope out of town to our dark site and try some wide angel shots.

  4. Light pollution is the worst…aside from clouds!.I have pretty bad light pollution here and anytime I can get away from it I usually jump at the chance.

  5. light pollution… whatever 🙂

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