M17 (Omega nebula)

As you might have noticed,my frequency of posting has dropped due to the foul weather that we here in the Northeastern U.S have been experiencing.It has either been raining or just plain cloudy for almost a full month now.I suspect that we will be getting clear skies soon.I make this prediction since,my physical issues have been resolved enough for me to return to work and I now have a early early wake up time.

One of the images that I managed to capture the last time I had my scope out (month +) is of the Swan nebula a.k.a the Omega nebula or M17.The scope was performing nicely and easily found this mag +6.0 neb located in the constellation Sagittarius.


One Response to “M17 (Omega nebula)”

  1. Great shot Andrew! how did you get the star diffraction spikes? I have a add on for photoshop but it does all the stars, is there a program that you can select what stars you want the effect to happen on?

    Also major Aurora tonight, got a call from Spaceweather.com, Kindex level of 5!!.

    If you want a set of 3D glasses just email me your address at bjohnson555@hotmail.com, can get you a couple for free.

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