M82 (Cigar galaxy)

Hey,we had clear skies last night!.Unfortunately,I didn’t take advantage of the first clear sky that we have seen in over a month.Not that I didn’t want to but because,I *me flinching*…I fell asleep and when I woke up I was just too comfortable to move!!.Hahahaha,sorry Jared…better luck next time 😉 !. I also need to do some additional tweaks to the mount before I dedicate a long night to observing/imaging.That’s my excuse and I am sticking with it.

So,with that being said.I do have a few more images that I took about 2 months ago,that I haven’t posted yet such as M82 a.k.a “The Cigar Galaxy”.

I took the shot below using a Meade DSI and a 10″ Meade LXD75 SN. M82 is actually pretty tough to see from where I observe from since it is located directly over the town that I live in.Plus,not only do I have to deal with the street lights from the city,I also have to reluctantly deal with a street light that is located directly below where M81 and M82 are generally located in the night sky!.Usually,I use my DSLR to image these two galaxies but,since I already had the DSI connected to the scope I figured “why not give imaging a try?”.What a amazing sight it was to see a live image of this galaxy on my laptop monitor for the first time!.I am used to seeing M82 on the tiny little screen of my DSLR 🙂 !!.

Located in the constellation Ursa Major,M82 looks exactly like a giant cigar with a label wrapped around it.Classified as a irregular galaxy M82 has a visual brightness of +8.2mag (under dark skies) which is  a modest estimate since many astronomers observe with some form of light pollution i.e. street lights,vehicle headlights,neighbors house lights and the occasional spot lights from the local police department….a long story of which a few of you have  already heard!.



8 Responses to “M82 (Cigar galaxy)”

  1. Nice shot man! Its bout time 🙂

  2. Thanks Jared!!!

  3. Hey great shot, one of the galaxies we can see from the city without much trouble.

  4. Andrew, can you get a pic of Ptolemy’s cluster?

  5. Hi Jared,I got a shot of that cluster last year.It reminds me of the Pleiades without the blue nebulosity.I will repost that image.

  6. Thanks Bob,M81-82 are 2 that I have a tough time seeing.If I can get my eyesight tuned to the darkness,I can just make it out.

  7. We had police spotlights last night… still not sure why… but it pissed me off! Then they wanted to know what the “long tube” was for and the flashing light (my camera on 10s delay)… try explaining that to a bunch of hillbilly cops… fun, let me tell ya!

  8. Hahahahahhaha,yeah we amateur astronomers are some real shady criminal types!!!.
    Here is a artical I wrote last year with about the same effect;

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