Full Moon and Jupiter

It isn’t exactly a cover shot but,at least I was finally able to get one of my images accepted on spaceweather.com!.Heh,it is about time too,I have submitted lots of pix in the past but,apparently they were not good enough?!.Actually,I think they just tossed me a bone since their were only a few other people that submitted images of the full moon and Jupiter together 😛 !.HAHAHAHA,I’m fine with that!!!.

The full moon and Jupiter will be putting on another show for us tonight as well for anyone interested.The event can hardly be missed as Jupiter will be in very close proximity to the moon.Jupiter will be seen as this almost crazy bright looking star.So if you if have the clear skies (or partly cloudy),take the kids out for a look.It’s a free show and no observing aids will be necessary!.

Below are some images that I took from early this morning…

I just used my DSLR and shot them through a open window…quick and painless!.


8 Responses to “Full Moon and Jupiter”

  1. Its about time you caught up to the big boys!!! j/k, thats awesome man!

  2. It certainly seems nice!.This season has been real bad for observing….future?!.

  3. Hey nice shot, I got a shot as well, posting it on a later post.

  4. I can’t wait to see it!! 🙂

  5. I can’t remember if I posted my jupiter/moon pics… I think I posted one lol.

  6. Okay man… your clear sky chart shows you having decent skies tonight… so you better get something! lol… anyways, I got some really good shots of the moon the past couple of days, plus I labeled some of them. I hope the shoulder feels better!

  7. Hahahahahaha,Jared you crack me up!.Ok,I guess I’ve been busted and must bring the scope out for some fresh air!.I will try not to let you down! 😛 .

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