While taking a break from the pain in the butt that I call painting my house.I just happened to look up in the direction of the sun.Of course,not looking directly at it,I noticed a sundog taking shape right before my eyes.I have seen many of these atmospheric phenoms but,almost never seem to have the DSLR handy.This time however,I did!.Since I am painting house/window trim on my second floor apartment.The DSLR just happened to be at arms reach through a open window which I quickly grabbed.Below is one of the shots that I took.


4 Responses to “Sundog”

  1. thats weird man… but cool 🙂

  2. Thanks,
    They don’t happen very often and like I said in the post.I usually don’t have my DSLR handy when I do see one.

  3. Cool, don’t usually see them during the summer.

  4. ….and not during the early afternoon.I just need to remind myself to be sure to keep the camera handy!.

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