Counting craters

Hi folks…yes,I am still around.I just haven’t been able to observe and image anything for almost a month due to bad skies and other issues.

First off,I would like to wish everyone in the states a Happy and safe 4th of July and a belated Happy Canada day (which was on the 1st of July) to my friends north of the boarder!.

As I pointed out,I haven’t had the scope out in quite sometime.So,I will share some images of the moon that I took about a month and a half ago.I have been getting a few request on the names of some of the different craters seen on the moons surface.Since the moon has thousands upon thousands of craters.Naming all of them would have been nearly impossible.Well, not impossible….it would just have been a bit more work than I was willing to put into it and besides,if I did try to name all of them in one small image.Their would have been so many different names,that the words would over lap each other.In the image below,I have named as many as the image would hold comfortably without straining the eye.I used the Virtual Moon Atlas (which can be found online for free) to aid me in naming most of the craters but,also realised that some of the smaller craters didn’t have names…yet.One of the interesting and fun things that I like to do when I take a image of the moon is to compare my shot to the Moon Atlas,in hopes of finding a possible new crater.Heh,yeah,I know….finding a new impact crater without someone seeing the actual impact itself is a one in a million chance!.Still,it is a lot of fun looking!!!.

Click to enlarge!




8 Responses to “Counting craters”

  1. Hey Andrew, excellent shot and a job well done!!

  2. Thanks Bob,2008 hasn’t exactly been crystal clear for the most part.I am hoping for a better second half of the year ;P !.

  3. Hi Andrew,
    I agree a beautiful shot of the moon. Never tire of it, especially through the eyepiece. The pic will make for nice reference on the Palm T3 :D\
    Weather-wise — I know exactly what you mean.
    Regards, peter

  4. Hi Andrew

    Not having much luck myself on the observing front mostly down due to work and weather.

    Hope you have some luck soon


  5. i love these shots of yours… its what gave me the idea with my constellations! BTW – i have figured out some new techniques with image processing… i posted them… like the first 4 posts i think… it will be obvious, check them out when you have a chance… I hope the shoulder is feeling better!

  6. Thanks you Peter,I’m glad the image is of good use to you.The weather hasn’t been much beter than it was this last winter 😦 .Eventually,you and I will get some better skies!.

  7. Hi Mark,I hear that!.As I have replied to Peter,the weather has been horrible for observing but,I am hopeful that the crappy skies will break for us eventually?!. ;p

  8. Thank you Jared,I am happy that I can inspire your quest!.You have come a long way in a short period of time!. Good job!

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