Powerful storms rock the Northeast

Last night saw some rather strong thunderstorms here in NewHampshire.After several hot humid days with temps in the high 90’s and dew points in the 70’s,a strong cold front plowed through the state like a bull in a china shop.Many townships to the north lost power due to lightning strikes and high winds.

Here in Laconia,the weather was a bit less intense but,mother nature still put on quite a light show.At one point the flashes of lightning were so numerous it reminded me of strobe light at a rock concert.As the storm was approaching,the wind began to kickup sand from a nearby construction site pelting my eyes and mouth with grit.This small scale sandstorm was so bad that even though I was only standing about 40 yards from the house,I temporarily lost sight of my safe refuge.Then the rains came which was a welcomed feel after a hot and muggy night,dropping the temps from the upper 80’s to the lower 70’s in about 20 minutes time.

As you will see in my photo albums,one of my favorite summer time activities is to take pictures of lightning.While it is loads of fun it can also be frustrating especially when trying to gauge where the next series of lightning bolts will appear.I managed to be pointing the camera in one area of the sky, as vivid bolts flashed in other areas.This happened quite a few times but,I still managed to get a few decent shots.Unfortunately,these decent shots don’t compare with some of the bolts that I missed out on.Below is one of my so called “decent” shots that I took from last night.Luckily,this is just the start of the summer storm season and I hope to be taking much nicer shots?!.


4 Responses to “Powerful storms rock the Northeast”

  1. Great shot, thanks for the idea, never thought of that,lol.

  2. Thanks Bob,Like I said in the post “it is a lot of fun”.The tough part is trying to keep the camera dry..hahahaha.

  3. Hi Andrew, That is a cool shot. I’ve been wanting to do this, too. Let’s the not so decent shots – I’m sure they’re good.

  4. Thanks Peter,the not so decent shots were of bolts that were just out of the FOV so,only small parts were caught.Many of the missed shots were actually directly overhead.Unfortunately,it was raining quite hard so trying to keep the lens out of the elements would have been nearly impossible.Oh well,it isn’t quite summer yet and this just means I have gotten a jump on the season 🙂 .

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