The hypertune kit and encoders have arrived!!

The hypertune kit for my Meade LXD75 arrived this morning via priority snail mail and in the kit are numerous items that can be found at your local hardware store or contractor supply.I sort of expected this at the time of purchase but,felt it best to use the same materials as the professionals at Scope trader would!.One of the first things that I checked for were the complete list of everything that was to be included in the kit for the upgrade,including the separately packaged encoder wheels.I was a bit surprised if not abit disturbed to find the fragile encoder wheels placed inside a computer CD plastic jacket,free to rattle around.Their was no apparent damage which put my mind at ease.A couple items in the kit that can’t be found at a hardware store are;a 9 pin connector cable for downloading the latest autostar updates and a step by step how to DVD that begins with some good R&B music that caused me to turned the surround sound up on my home stereo for good measure 🙂 !.As EDfrom Flintstone Stargazing pointed out in a recent comment,the recording on the DVD isn’t a “Hollywood production – but it’s got exactly what you need to know”.I watched the whole video and was a bit intimidated by the mechanical upgrade.I’m not much of a monkey wrench so,that part of the tune up will be have me on my toes.Luckily however,I will be assisted with the hypertune by Michael who will be giving his LXD75 a tuneup as well.The weather is suppose to be rather crappy this weekend so,any thought of giving both scopes a trial run will have to wait.I will be writing a post with pix about the upgrade followed by a vigorous test of the newly upgraded scope so,wish me luck!!!. 


3 Responses to “The hypertune kit and encoders have arrived!!”

  1. Actually, it’s probably good that the weather won’t be great. You won’t feel rushed. Good luck!

  2. Oh – and I meant to mention. Something else you should probably do while your at it. There’s a great article on cloudy nights about how to collimate Schmidt Newtonians. Much more than just laser collimating. Here’s the article:
    If it wasn’t so cloudy tonight, I’d be testing my newly collimated SN-8.

  3. Considering the problems I encountered,I may have to retune the scope…what a nightmare.The hypertune kit was almost useless.I managed to get it tunedup but,am not convinced that I didn’t do more harm than good.

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