LXD75 hypertune kit has been ordered

Hi everyone!.Yeah,I’m still here,I have just been busy lately.Am I the only one that gets buyers remorse for making a purchase no matter how large or small the expence?.I seem to get that quite often?!.My most recent remorse overload came last week when I bought a DVD.Well,I out did myself today but,it was something that needed to be done.I bought a hypertune kit and new encoder wheels for my scope.My scope has been working well but,not as well as I would like it too!.

With luck I will be able to increase my exposure times for awesome images…I hope!!.



4 Responses to “LXD75 hypertune kit has been ordered”

  1. I don’t know how I missed it, but I didn’t know you had an LXD75. I highly recommend the Hypertune DVD. It’s really well done – not quite a Hollywood production – but it’s got exactly what you need to know. A couple things – be careful with the polar scope – I banged mine up a bit and also watch the DVD all the way through before you even start. Check out my posts about it – go to my blog and search for hypertune – you’ll find a number of posts. Take pictures and do a post on how it goes.

    I found an extra washer floating around inside my gears during the hypertune. That alone made the effort worth it. 🙂 Otherwise in addition to working better, I now really understand the mount at a level that I really couldn’t have any other way.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Hi Ed,I’ve had the scope for almost 3 years now!.I wrote a short equipment post early last fall after I bought my Meade DS-90.Heh,as you know, I haven’t had very many chances to bring the scope out for any serious observing.In the time that I have owned the scope,I haven’t performed any upgrade maintanance on it…..well aside from replacing the stock focuser with JMI.A real good friend of mine has a LXD75 and as soon as the kit arrives,we are going to get together and upgrade both scopes at the same time.Two heads are better than one and I figure,why not share the experience.I will check out your post to give me a heads up on what to expect 🙂 .This is just my way of helping to boost the economy.The cash flow has been real tight and this may be the last chance to perform a upgrade in a while.I am also going to buy new motors for the DS-90 in the near future….perhaps today?!.I actually have 3 scopes that I use.It will be nice to have 2 scopes that goto and track.This way,if I am feeling kindof lazy but,still want to observe I can just bring the small one out for some eye piece time.Funny though,I feel like superman when I pickup the small scope after lugging the big one around!.

  3. Good luck with your tune up, Its almost time for me to get back into Deep Sky imaging, having a hoot with my Canon wide angle shots, lot easier and thousands of possibilities, deep sky, in my light polluted back yard, not so much. : (

  4. Hey man, thats awesome! I finally found a place close to home that is really dark… took some new pics of the moon, posted them, tell me what you think!

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