Crescent moon

Not much going on at the moment.I wanted to get some images of the creasent moon occulting the Pleiades on Tuesday but,as the usual luck would have it,the skies turned cloudy about a hour before the show and departed about  2 hours later.Oh well,I did manage to get a few images with my DSLR on Monday night.It isn’t a overly fantastic shot but,it will do in a pinch !.This image was taken via my cars roof.I tried to get the dark blue that is seen just after the sun has set but,since I drank one too many coffee’s,my hands kept shaking to the point of causing most of the shots to be ruined.NOTE TO SELF……Decaf!!!.Heh,well I know that isn’t going to happen!!!.


2 Responses to “Crescent moon”

  1. lol about the coffee. that’s why I drink de-cafe, love your image, makes the moon dark and mysterious

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