New sunspots have appeared

I was quite excited this morning when I woke up and checked the SOHO website only to find some new spots that had appeared.Like I said “I was excited” and couldn’t wait to get home from work and do some imaging….yay!.

I set the scope up , had it aligned by noon time and never stopped imaging until 3:30pm.In all,I believe I managed to snap off about 200 images.Why so many you ask?.Well I had so much fun when I made the Lunar eclipse clip that I decided to try it again.Unfortunately,after resizing ,cropping and rotating all 200 images I just didn’t like the look of them and feel I should try again.Luckily,I still have them on my DSLR which is like a do over?!.

Not only is it nice to see some long awaited activity on the sun but,the structure and sizes of the spots is impressive.With the largest being (by my calculations) larger than 3 Earths in size.The others are a bit smaller and spread out but,the newest one that really hasn’t made a full appearance yet,I feel has the potential of being quite large as well.I have read a couple post from different bloggers about how the suns new solar cycle was just a false start and that the new cycle hasn’t begun yet.I’m not sure but,after seeing how fast the spots appeared I am going to go out on a limb and say “it has begun….again”!.The sunspot numbers so far have been designated sunspot  987 and 988 .Sunspot #989 which is still making it’s way around the limb should be given it’s official number perhaps as soon as this evening?!.

Please forgive the writing of this post if it didn’t make any sense.I think my brain shutdown the moment I started typing 🙂 !.

Image credit:Andrew


2 Responses to “New sunspots have appeared”

  1. It seems a THIRD peak of the current solar cycle 23!

  2. It will come as a blessing for us who enjoy a good ham radio QSO. I am waiting for 160 meter to open up.

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