Close up shots of Sunspots #987 and #988

Here are some close up images of sunspot 987 and 988.Like I said in the last post I had taken lots of images but,was so tired that I thought I would wait.These images were shot using A-focal projection with a 26mm eye piece and a Pentax ist “DS dslr.The last time I had my scope out was on February 20th for the lunar eclipse and even longer for any solar viewing.I couldn’t believe how much dust had collected on my lenses until I had downloaded the images to my Pc!!.I guess we all know what I will be doing this afternoon 😉 !.

The camera settings for the images seen below were a ISO of 200 and exposure(s) at 1/500thsec and were processed using PS elements.They were slightly cropped and sharpened.I also cheated and used the cloning tool to rid the shots of those unsightly dust blemishes.I also boosted the contrast to  the images to better show the sunspot structures.If you look closely,you will notice some of the filaments as they seem to have the look of spaghetti falling into a blackhole.Of course,you will also notice the result of sharpening the images as they look a bit grainy.I tried to reduce some of the grainy look by reducing  the noise.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Image credit: Andrew

Imaged with a 26mm eyepiece and 2X barlow


6 Responses to “Close up shots of Sunspots #987 and #988”

  1. Nice. And welcome back – my big problem has been wind. We’ve had several great nights, but 25mph winds. I’m not intersted in having my scope blow over.

  2. Thanks Ed,yeah,wind has been one of my weather issues this past winter.If it isn’t snow and clouds,it is high winds.I have my fingers crossed for all of us and hope that we have great observing conditions for the season ahead.

  3. Great pics man! My comp is down so I can’t process my photos yet, but they appear to be “decent” Email me sometime! JZH

  4. Thanks Jared,Hope you get the problem fixed soon.I can’t wait to see your images!.I sent you a e-mail! 🙂 .

  5. Hey Andrew, awesome shots! I really have to get out with the scopes more,would like to start imaging the Sun again with the PST.

  6. Thanks Bob,the winter is finally loosening it’s grip here and hopefully I can start observing more often.I would love to have a PST but,funds are pretty tight and bills come first. I tried imaging the sun with the new h-alpha filter but,as one would expect….it didn’t work out very well 😉

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