Lunar eclipse the movie???.

Here is a a lunar eclipse movie I put together using my Pentax DSLR.This is my first try at making a movie from multiple images.It isn’t Star wars quality but,I had a lot of fun trying 🙂 .



8 Responses to “Lunar eclipse the movie???.”

  1. Great job on the video!

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Agreed. Nice work on the movie. I’ll refer people to it see the events unfold.
    We were fortunate to get clear skies, for awhile it looked threatening but your image and video don’t even suggest cloudy skies. I like how the picture in the previous post has that eerie orangy-reddish hue.
    …and a good DSLR is on my wish list, among other things.

  3. Thanks Bob,I wanted to add music to the vid but,since it was my first time making a clip like that,I couldn’t figure it out.If I do,I will write another video post that has a bit more flare 😛 !.

  4. Hi Peter,I was surprised that the image came out as well as it did.I was shooting in between clouds or rather thinning clouds.I would have liked to haveseen the eclipse from start to finish but,as I say the clouds rolled in and stayed.It even started snowing.I thought I could hear Mother nature giggling to herself too….hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey nice video, I always enjoy the picture videos, much easier to view than just a bunch of different pictures. Good job!

    The Fool

  6. Thanks,the timing was off though.I never gave a thought to making a video until the next day.I had taken about 75 images and was going to weedout the best ones to post and realized that if I made them all the same size I might be able to pull off a time lapse.That is why the movie acts a bit odd at times.I found it to be a lot of fun to make a movie clip and will be making more in the future.I especially want to make movies of Jupiter,Saturn and the sun.

  7. Thanks Jared!

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