Last nights Lunar eclipse

Hey,I finally gave my scope a breath of fresh air…woohoo!! 🙂 .

It certainly felt good to have some decent skies for observing after 3 months of sitting idle and collecting dust.No,not me…my scope!!.I wasn’t sure if our skies here in central NewHampshire were going to cooperate for the lunar eclipse but,to my surprise they did.Well,sortof !.Since my schedule doesn’t allow me to stay awake very late into the evening for observing (3am comes early when it is cold outside!).I just couldn’t pass at the chance to get in some eye piece time and with the terrible skies that we have had this winter,this was almost like my second Christmas!.I tried to take a power nap before the start of the eclipse but,I was so giddy with excitement that I stayed awake and kept looking out my bedroom window.After a hour of tossing and turning I suddenly became the president of the “Why bother club”and got up for a night of observing.I set the scope up at around 8:30pm and immediately started watching for the start of the event.The skies at the time were clear and clean but,that didn’t last for very long as clouds began to invade my space.Seeing the cloud bank slowly making it’s way in,the first words out of my mouth were “Great…I have been hosed again!”.It seems that Mother nature has a rather cruel sense of humor because, just as I was about to call it a evening and pack up,the skies cleared.It was looking good for a start to finish eclipse but,just as the moon was approaching full eclipse the clouds rolled in again and this time not only did the sky become mostly cloudy but,it started to lightly snow….*insert naughty word here!!!!*.Once again,I started the beginning stages of packing up when suddenly I could see the full eclipse through broken clouds.In a rush I reconnected my camera to the scope and fired off a few quick shots,one of which can be seen below.It isn’t the best quality but,considering I was shooting through what looked to be a high altitude fish bowl,I think it came out pretty good.

I tweaked the image a bit in a effort to bring out more detail using Photoshop Elements.Note the darker region to the south…those are clouds.Clouds=Bad!!.

 Lunar eclipse Feb 20,2008


7 Responses to “Last nights Lunar eclipse”

  1. realworldnumbers Says:

    What kind of a camera did you use? I just have a simple point and shoot Canon A620… Mine turned out ok, but yours are spectacular. Check out my pics at

  2. Congrats and nice shot! I was wondering if you’d have a post. We had thick, thick clouds (that my telescope could mostly see through), but had a great party anyway. After everyone had left and I was putting everything away, I walked outside to get the last chair and the sky was nearly entirely clear. If it could have just done that a couple hours earlier…

  3. Thanks,I used a Pentax ist*DS at prime focus with a 10″ Meade LXD75.I like having a scope that will track a object,especially in these cold temps.I can go into the house and get warm without having to reset the scope.

  4. Hi Ed and thank you,I am pretty sure that Mother nature cleared the skies up the moment I packed up and went to bed!.The Clearsky clock was right on the money with the forecast. Our local weather forecasters can’t predict when the sun will rise, let alone a forecast that is correct!.I just wish the skies had been clear for whole show.Oh well,I am still happy that I had a chance to witness it!.

  5. Eclipse was earlier in the evening for us here in Colorado so all the local astronomy clubs scheduled public events. Unfortunately, most were clouded out. We occcasionally got glimpses of the moon through the clouds. It did clear some just after totality occurred. Most of the public had went home by them. I got off a few shots but I have been too busy to process them yet. Congrats on your great image!

  6. Thanks Vern,I thought for sure the skies were going to remain clear….heh,how wrong I was !.Clouds have plagued most of us in the northern hemisphere this winter.
    A early elipse would have been nice.I ended up getting about 3 hours sleep due to the timing but,it was well worth it 🙂 .

  7. I Hear you loud and clear, it was wispy cloudy all night, real hard to get clear focus but at least we got pics and saw it, the next one december 2010 is a long way away, nice shot by the way, beautiful colors!!

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