M8 (Lagoon nebula)

Here is yet another archive image that I took a year ago.So far, this winter has been a bust but,I am optimistic that this nasty weather will soon break giving all of us a chance to bring our scopes out.Here in NewHampshire,we are currently under a winter storm warning with sleet/freezing rain with temps in the low 20’s F.I don’t know about the rest of you but,I think I am in the beginning stages of cabin fever?!.

Sorry this archive image post is a little late (or early)depending on how you look at it but,since I haven’t had a chance to aquire anything new in a long time.I thought I would fall back on some older images and share them with everyone.

M8 is a very bright emission nebula located in the constellation Sagittarius and is obviously best viewed in the late summer months……when it is warm!!!.Glowing at a +6.0mag it can easily be seen with the naked eye under dark clean skies.

The Lagoon Nebula  is one of the brightest star-forming regions in the sky. It is a giant cloud of interstellar matter which is currently undergoing vivid star formation, and has already formed a considerable cluster of young stars.

Oh and before I forget; Good luck to the NewEngland Patriots on their quest for a 4th Superbowl win!!!.

Information credit:SEDS

Image credit: ME!!

Lagoon nebula


17 Responses to “M8 (Lagoon nebula)”

  1. Great shot Andrew, how was it taken? I hear you about the cabin fever, it has set in here a long time ago, at least I got out for the Venus, Jupiter conjunction.

  2. Thanks Bob,it was shot using a Pentax DSLR.That was back when we use to have clear skies 🙂 .I completely missed the conjunction due to clouds and freezing rain.Oh well,with a bit of luck maybe we will have good seeing for the lunar eclipse on the 20th?!.

  3. Hopefully it will be good then, for the pentax, was it just pointed at the sky, or through a scope, and how long was the exposure?


  4. I guess I should have posted that info?!.It is a Prime focus shot using a Meade LXD75 10″sn.The camera had a ISO setting of 200 and I believe it was a 80 second exposure.

  5. Great shot, as always, Andrew. I really, REALLY miss clear skies.

  6. Very good to know , if it ever gets warmer, I’ll give it a go I have a Meade LX200r and a focal reducer and the proper attachements for the camera.

  7. Hey Andrew

    Seems we’re in the same boat. I’ve not posted much lately… because of a very long series of storms and almost storms. We are also under a winter storm watch (or were last night). Still too dark to see if anything new has accumulated.We currently have over 4 feet of snow in the yard. Snow piles alongside the driveway average about 8 feet… and are over 10 feet where the driveway meets the road.
    Anyway… I have a sizable collection of ‘archive’ images as you call them. Perhaps I should start digging in? This would certainly allow me to post more frequently 🙂
    I did manage to get a nice shot of a pair of solar prominences the other day. Skies actually cleared for a few hour 🙂
    I shouldn’t complain though… I’ve managed to snag some amazing powder days… one of which was almost waist deep. I even managed to take a few runs in my own neighborhood. That was cool. Boot deep powder runs only 2 blocks away.
    Anyway… I’ve got my fingers crossed looking forward to the upcoming lunar eclipse. I think I’ll miss the earliest moments of it, but should get to see all of totality. Hopefully, I’ll be able to dig my scope out by then 😉


  8. Thank you ~Z~,
    We haven’t seen a clear night in what seems like months.I am getting cabin fever and want to get my scope(s) out but,we have had one snow storm after another for 2 weeks straight.Heh,not very much room to pile snow anymore.If we get much more I may need to set the scope up on a snowbank….hahahahahahaha!!!.

  9. Hi Bob,If you get any warm weather and want to give some away,I will gladly take it!.This winter has been absolutely dreadful for everyone but,unfortunately Puxatauny Phil saw his shadow and wee will have 6 more weeks of winter.I just hope his predictions are better than my spelling!!! 🙂 .

  10. Hi Anthony,
    I think we have been getting some of your storms this winter.It has snowed every night for 2 weeks now.As I type this however,I can actually see the sun shine.Haven’t seen that in quite some time!!.We are under a storm watch again for Tuesday,with heavy snow predicted.Ugh…… 😦 !.
    Funny though,how suddenly the talk of global warming has been put on the back burner during winters like this.Which means that it will be hot and dry this summer,renewing the global warming talk.
    I have a few more images that I will be posting but,it isn’t the same as fresh ones.Oh well,I am confident that we will get clear skies soon…I hope!!!.

  11. Hi Andrew,
    Yes the weather sucks. We have officially past the 100″ snow mark with another 16″ expected tonight. No clear sky here. I hope it is clear for this Friday’s Star Party. Any chance you might attend?

  12. Hi Michael,yeah,since you and I share the same observing sky,I think we both can agree on the crappy weather conditions that we have had to endure this winter.I’m not sure but,I think being just south of you we are expected to get 6-10″?!.AS for the snow mark here,I think we too are about to surpass 100″,if not then I believe we are getting close.At this point,any extra we get for the season is almost laughable!!.Depending on the weather I would love to attend the star party.We need to keep a sharp eye on the skies as I think their is another system moving in on Friday.Hee hee hee…….*frustrated laughter* 😛 !.

  13. I like your blog,how about link exchange ?

  14. Thank you Alex,I have added your link to my blogroll!.
    Clear skies!!

  15. I did it too.Likewise

  16. Hi

    Got any plans for tonight’s Lunar Eclipse. Sadly here in Lincolnshire the skies are cloudy with rain expected. Good Luck I think we might all need it.


  17. Hi Mark,I am planning on getting some shots of the event but,I’m not sure if the skies are going to cooperate.It is cloudy at the moment but,the forecast is for clearing skies later.It would be nice to have the scope out for the first time in 2008!.
    Sorry to here about your skies.Maybe,a miracle will happen and the skies will open up for you….in a good way!.

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