M42 The Orion Nebula

As most of you are well aware,my observing sessions have been few and far between.In fact,the last time I was able to get my scope out for some serious observing was over 2 months ago.Clouds,snow,wind and work have been the major factors for my lack of posting new images.At the present time,it looks as if I may have a slight opportunity to bring my scope out tonight.According to my clear sky clock,the skies are to be fairly clear with average transparency and poor seeing.Their will be a breeze however,that may hinder any imaging that I want to do.If all does go well,I want to get a shot of Comet Tuttle before it gets too faint.I also want to give the new filter a trial run!.Again,depending on how hard the breeze is blowing.I don’t have the luxury of a observatory to protect me so, any long exposures may not happen.I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂 !.

Below is a image of the Orion Nebula that I took last fall.Heh,yeah I am falling back on old images to post 😉 !.


9 Responses to “M42 The Orion Nebula”

  1. Great image, as always, Andrew. 🙂

  2. Thank you ~Z~,the skies have been terrible for so long!!.I was going to take the scope out tonight but,high clouds have moved in.Like I had written,I am using old images to post 😛 .Oh well,sooner or later we will have decent skies to try out our new astronomy toys?!!.

  3. Skies have been crap here as well. I’ve yet to try out my new ‘scope.

  4. Yeah,I have heard that the skies have been terrible on both sides of the pond this winter.I’m going to make a prediction and say that we are going to have a good Spring for observing?!.It all seems so far away at this point in time but,when a amateur astronomer has to go so long without clear skies,all we have left is hope!.Geesh,I suddenly turned into a poet………a pretty bad poet but,a poet…hahahahahahahahaha 🙂 !

  5. Same weather system as you. Even if it’s from the archives, your M42 still does it!! Nice photo. Look how those “wings” pull back and reach out into space. The M43 nebula exhibits that characteristic comma-shape. This object serves as a barometer of how well DSOs will show against our background sky. It’s not a very bright object here.
    Have you seen comet Tuttle yet? We haven’t from the city, though there hasn’t been many opportunities.

  6. Hi Peter,I thoght I would have a opportunity tonight but,high clouds stopped any thought to that.I do believe I caught a glimpse of it a couple weeks ago however,I am not real sure.Yeah,the weather has been a pain in the butt…..ugh!!.We have been getting some warm weather here and it has been a nice change from all of the snow that we have had in the past month.So far we have had over 4 feet but,the warmth has melted a lot of it.I just hope we ALL can get a break and get our scopes out soon!!!.I am experiencing eye piece withdrawal…hahahahaha!!!

  7. Nice shot Andrew!, I hear ya, been cloudy lots here too, only had 3 short opportunities to take pics since January 1st. Hopefully the Lunar Eclipse will be clear Feb 20/21.

  8. Nice shot, you have inspired me to go have a look around Orion this weekend. Weather permitting of course. I hope you get some clear skies and nice weather soon.

  9. Thanks Phil,it has been a terrible observing season so far!.At the moment,the skies are crystal clear but,with a northerly breeze.I am hoping the wind calms down and I will get perhaps a few hours of imaging in before I have to hit the hay for work 😛 .
    The Orion neb is definitely a showcase winter object!!!.

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