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Astronomy through a window

Posted in astronomy, astrophotography, Photo, photography, Planet, Space on January 23, 2008 by Andrew

I guess the headline says it all!.For 3 months now I haven’t had any luck with observing.Well,to be honest I have had the scope out once and that was last week.We finally were graced with clear skies even though the moon was washing out the night sky.The temps were quite cold and their was a northerly breeze which just rattles the bones no matter how well one bundles up.I began scanning the heavens for the familiar objects that bless our skies in the Winter months.It felt great just to have the scope out but,no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t stop shivering.I managed to stay in the cold for a little more than a hour before I came to my senses so,I packed up and went in.Funny how that works?.20 years ago,I would have shrugged off the cold and stayed out all night.Now,I am afraid that a gust of wind would knock me down and I would shatter like a pane of glass.HAHAHAHA ok,I was being little dramatic about the breaking into a thousand pieces of glass part but,it WAS really cold 🙂 !.I did a little observing on Monday afternoon/night but,it wasn’t the typical form of observing.I stayed in my house where I was toasty warm!!.On a whim,I decided to check the sky through the window for the planet Mercury and I easily found it just after sunset.It was a rather awkward form of observing since I had to basically crawl halfway out of a window in order to see it due to the position of my house and the surrounding landscape.After spotting it,I grabbed my camera and through sheer luck, found that if I placed DSLR on the window ledge I could get a shot of it without a acrobatic maneuver on my part.I took a few shots before I realised that I was letting the warmth out.The images below are the results of my efforts….or lack their of!.

Note the surrounding landscape?.Heh,now you know why I was leaning out of my second story window!.

A cropped and resized version….


M42 The Orion Nebula

Posted in astronomy, astrophotography, Constellation, Nebula, Photo, photography, Star on January 12, 2008 by Andrew

As most of you are well aware,my observing sessions have been few and far between.In fact,the last time I was able to get my scope out for some serious observing was over 2 months ago.Clouds,snow,wind and work have been the major factors for my lack of posting new images.At the present time,it looks as if I may have a slight opportunity to bring my scope out tonight.According to my clear sky clock,the skies are to be fairly clear with average transparency and poor seeing.Their will be a breeze however,that may hinder any imaging that I want to do.If all does go well,I want to get a shot of Comet Tuttle before it gets too faint.I also want to give the new filter a trial run!.Again,depending on how hard the breeze is blowing.I don’t have the luxury of a observatory to protect me so, any long exposures may not happen.I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂 !.

Below is a image of the Orion Nebula that I took last fall.Heh,yeah I am falling back on old images to post 😉 !.

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