Rosette Nebula

It seems that many of us that were lucky enough to receive some new astronomy toys are now dealing with….you guessed it…cloudy skies.I know I have!.I haven’t had a chance to try out the new H-alpha filter due to clouds,rain and snow since last weekend.I am patiently waiting for my chance to give the new filter it’s real first light.We did have one night that was clear enough to allow the moon to shine through but,the transparency and seeing were really bad,which caused me to not bother with a scope set up.I am a bit sceptical about the filters performance however and only say this because,I cheated and brought the bino’s out and put the filter up to the eye piece.The view was very dark red and the only real bright object I could see was the menacing street light 20 yards away.This is obviously not a fair judgment for the filter and will need to put the filter on the scope for a better evaluation.If all works out,I will be posting what I hope to be some awesome images from both my DSLR and DSI.

Below is another image that I shot last year at about this same time of year.Again,I am really bad at documenting my settings on the DSLR so,I don’t have any exposure times.I do know that the seeing and transparency were really good and the temps were unusually warm.The ISO was set at 200 to reduce unwanted noise and no filter was used.The image was processed with PS Elements and astronomy tools for PS Elements.

The Rosette nebula is a huge diffuse nebula located 5,500 LY’rs distant in the constellation Monoceros.Because the neb is so faint,a +magnitude value hasn’t been established according to SEDS.Which doesn’t mean their is no mag value.It just means that SEDS haven’t updated their imformation on this object since 1998 and I am too darn lazy to check other sites  😉 !.

Image credit:Andrew

Imfo credit: SEDS

The Rose!


11 Responses to “Rosette Nebula”

  1. Hi , great pic, how did you get it close?, did you attach your dslr to a scope? I am thinking of getting a Canon 40D, would like some advice if you could on some of the settings such as exposure times,ect.

  2. Thanks Bob,
    The image was cropped and resized just a little but,still,this neb is massive.Because of the cameras file size at the time of download, (3000×2000)I have to resize to make decent image adjustments and was connected to my scope via a “T”ring at primefocus.Thats great news on the possible purchase of a DSLR and will try to answer all of your questions to the best of my knowledge.If it makes things easier,feel free to e-mail me at !.I use a Pentax *ist DS DSLR for wide field imaging.

  3. Thanks for all your help Andrew, very much appreciated!!

  4. You are certainly welcome,glad I could help!!.

  5. Happy New Year Andrew!

  6. Happy New Year to you as well~Z~ !.

  7. Happy New Year

    Hope 2008 brings clear skys


  8. Happy new year! Great picture, you must have a great setup. Hopefully I’m getting a 110mm reflector in the next month or two!

    Never heard of this nebula, great shot!

  9. Thanks Rick and Happy New Year to you and your family. Here is the link to my equipment post that I wrote last June
    Sadly however,I haven’t had the clear skies for observing 😦 .
    The Rosette neb is a fantastic object to image but,is pretty faint to see from my light polluted site.
    That is great news on the upcoming purchase.The 110mm should yield you some nice images.

  10. happy new year 🙂

  11. Hi m13,happy new year to you as well!!!!.

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