Sunspot 978 one week later…..

I want to start this post by asking; Does anyone know the phone number to Mother natures complaint department?.We have had clouds,cold temps and snow/flurries for almost 3 weeks with only a couple sunny breaks in between.Perhaps this is a good thing?.Maybe we will all get a break and have a clear and dry second half to winter?!.

Sunspot #978 has made amazing progress as it makes it’s way across the sun’s face.Even with thick clouds I have been keeping a close eye it’s ever changing structure through the SOHO website.We were hit with another mild snowstorm last night and it was questionable whether or not the skies would clear enough to get some more images of this wonderful sunspot.As my good fortune (for a change) would have it,the clouds parted for a little more than a hour this morning and I just couldn’t pass on the chance to get some quality eye piece time in.After shoveling and salting my sidewalk observing site I raced up the stairs ,grabbed my scope,performed a quick setup and alignment, and was observing the sunspot within 20 minutes.Typically,I like to let the scope cool down to the outside temps before attempting any observing or imaging but,due to the constantly changing sky conditions I didn’t want to wait,which was a smart move because,45 minutes after setup the clouds rolled back in and we received a  snow squall that lasted for almost a hour.The images below are the result of my quick observing session.

Image credit: Me!

 Sunspot 978 one week later

A cropped version of 978

Sunspot 978 imaged with a 26mm eyepiece


5 Responses to “Sunspot 978 one week later…..”

  1. Haven’t seen the Sun for a couple weeks, probably won’t for some time either, nice shots!

  2. Yeah,this has been a terrible season for observing.Hope you get some clear skies soon!.We had breaks in the clouds a few times yesterday but,has since clouded over with a major storm moving in…..ugh!.

  3. Great sun shots! I notice that there’s been a few sun articles back to back… could that be because your now a REALLY early riser? 🙂

  4. HAHAHAHAHA,yeah the new hours have been really brutal for observing (at night) so,no observing for a while.One good part about it is that once I get myself acclimated to the insane hours,on my days off I will be able to dedicate the WHOLE night to observing.I may give observing/imaging comet Tuttle a try later tonight.My observing site is presently snowed in so,some heavy shoveling needs to be done first.

  5. Thanks for the comment Hope you have a great Christmas

    Happy Christmas


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