M31 The Andromeda Galaxy (DSI version)

I haven’t had my scope out in what seems like a long time.Their have been a lot of clouds,wind and rain lately.I have also started a temporary job working for a shipping company that causes me to wakeup REALLY early.I am talking about having to wakeup up as early as 1:30am-2:30am,so any desire to bring the scope out has been squashed.Yes, it gets dark early but,I also need to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep to be functional the next day.This temp job only last for 90 days (Christmas rush) but,at the same time I am trying to turn this into a permanent job.

I had made plans on maybe bringing my scope out this weekend but,once again Mother nature has other ideas and has decided to throw wind,cold and a potential Nor’easter by Sunday evening.Ayuh,I hate snow! 😦 .

Since I haven’t had the scope out to see Comet17/P Holmes for almost 2 weeks or any other night sky wonders.I have decided to dip into my 2007 Summer/Fall image archives for some yet to be posted images.One of the images that I have been sitting on is a first ever Meade DSI shot of the Andromeda Galaxy that I took almost 2 months ago.If my memory is right,it is a stack of 25 images @ 20 seconds per exposure each.The skies were a lot warmer (perhaps 45 degrees) with calm winds and hazy skies.The image was processed with PS Elements and Registax4.Contrast was boosted and noise reduced.The star color(s) were enhanced and the image size was reduced,no cropping.One thing that I have noticed is that my DSI really gives close up shots of a object.The image below reflects what I mean!.


Andromeda with the DSI


4 Responses to “M31 The Andromeda Galaxy (DSI version)”

  1. I know the feeling, cold and snow and plenty of clouds here as well. Great shot of Andromeda, even with a 3.3 focal reducer I can only get the core of Andromeda with my DSI II,I am thinking of getting the DSI III has a bigger chip, also looking, dreaming is a better word, at getting a Canon D40 for some wide angle shots of the sky. If only I were rich.

  2. Thanks Bob,I suspect that I will have better luck with a smaller galaxy that will fit on the monitor?!.I have a Pentax ist DS dslr with a wireless remote that works quite well.It is a 6mg pixel and is pretty light in weight.I don’t use it too much since I have gotten the DSI but,if Santa is nice to me and brings me a H-alpha filter,I might start using it more.
    If I was rich,I would buy some land in a warm climate and build a big observatory!.Looks like it is going to get ugly around here in the next 24 hours *snow* yuck!!!.

  3. Great shot of Andromeda Galaxy! So what if it’s the core, my binoculars can only give me a fuzz ball (and that’s all I have currently)!

    I want a Nikon D300; I had a post on my blog about someone who used it for Comet Holmes and it did awesome!

    And Bob, did you ever think about a Canon 40Da? The ‘a’ means astronomy! They improved it to take better astronomy pics by letting in more red or something like that. They don’t make it anymore, but it’s taken some great pics! Check out Jerry at Astropix to see what his Da does!

  4. Cannon makes some really nice cameras and had come out with what I think was the 20da.It is or was a 10meg that really took some nice images.Pentax have also come out with a 10 meg camera in what I think is a attempt to keep up with market?!.
    The DSI seems to work quite well except for the extreme close ups it offers.

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