Lunar impacts of the past

I hope all of you have had a nice holiday and weekend.I know I sure did!.It was nice to go home and visit with my family.The meal was great as always and as usual….I over ate 🙂 !.My mom was kind enough to provide me with a nice care package full of Turkey and all of the trimmings.Like the father in the movie “A Christmas story”,I am a certified turkeyholic heh!.

We now continue our journey to the southern limb of the moon.As the late Gene Shoemaker once stated “if you want to see what a very fresh big impact crater looks like when it’s first formed….you look at the moon!”.The moon really is a slate that nobody has been erasing.Most of the impacts craters that can be seen formed many millions of years ago and like Gene Shoemaker,I myself would like to see a large impact in my lifetime!.NOTE* As long as the Earths inhabitants were unaffectedly!.One amazing fact about lunar craters or at least the larger ones is that they can range in size from a few miles across like crater Pickering to many MANY hundreds of miles across like Mare Orientale.Actually,Mare Orientale is about 600 miles across and the formation has a distinctive bulls-eye appearance.Unfortunately,this formation is seldom seen from Earth and then it is only under rare opportunities does this crater reveal it’s self!.I will have to check this but,I believe we might have a chance to see it in February for a very short time?!.If I am right be sure to get you binoculars and scopes in the ready position!.Lets all do a clear sky dance on that night!!!!.

Below is a shot of the southern limb with the famous crater Tycho just out of the image.These craters are are located about 185 miles to the Northeast of Tycho.


5 Responses to “Lunar impacts of the past”

  1. That would be a great photo, as well as the total lunar eclipse next February.

  2. Weather permitting of course 😛

  3. Glad you had a great Turkey Day. 🙂

  4. Thanks ~Z~, I am pretty well turkeyed out and quite possibly need reheb…hahahahahha!. Glad to hear from you and hope all is well with you and your family!.

  5. Very nice, I am enjoying your tour of the moon

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