Lunar scar known as the Vallis Alpes

We received our first measurable snow fall this morning which made for interesting travel.I guess it is good to get the first snow fall out of the way travel wise.Now the locals will assume a more careful and considerate driving mode!.Their were a few fender benders but,that is to be expected.We didn’t get much though.I think we only get 3 ” but that was enough to turn the roads slick and greasy.UGH……I hate snow!.

Continuing on with my moon expedition from the last post…..

We have now arrived at the Vallis Alpes.Don’t let the name fool you,Vallis Alpes is Latin for “Alpine valley”,so any thought of skiing is out of the question!.Besides,I have heard that the accommodations are terrible! 🙂 .

Located on the Northern limb,the Vallis Alpes is a valley that stretches east-northeast from the Mare Imbrium basin to the edge of Mare Frigoris or approximately 172 miles due west of crater Aristotles.Note* That due west means, if you were standing on the moon!.The Vallis Alpes is  103+- miles long and is about 6.2 miles at it’s widest point.The valley floor is a lava flooded plain that is divided by a Rille.Precise formation mechanisms of rilles have yet to be determined. It is likely that different types formed by different processes. Common features shared by lunar rilles and similar structures on other bodies suggest that common causative mechanisms operate widely in the solar system. Leading theories include lava channels, collapsed lava tubes, near-surface dike intrusion, subsidence of lava-covered basin and crater floors, and tectonic extension.

Our next stop might require the use of the LUNARROVER for some possible off roading!.

Info credit: WIKIPEDIA

Image: Andrew

Vallis Alpes


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  1. Great photos and very informative, I am a lunar finatic.

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