NGC 7662 (Blue snowball nebula)

As I mentioned in the last post,one of the objects that I observed and imaged was the Blue Snowball nebula.This was quite a tough neb to see let alone image.At the time that I took the shot,the neb was almost directly above.Despite the lousy seeing and transparency,I looked for it anyway.After spending 5-10 minutes searching (and almost giving up),I finally detected a very tiny fuzzy speck that didn’t compare with the other sharp stars in the area.Obviously it was just a super tiny gray smudge due to how small it is but,don’t let the size of it in the eye piece fool you,it is more than 2 light years across.This puny neb can be found in the constellation Andromeda and is almost due west of the big galaxy.At 4,000 light years this nebula shines at a +9.2 visual mag.According to SKYHOUND this neb can be seen with any telescope under any sky.Hmmmm…..any telescope….any sky?.Well,perhaps under dark skies but,under moderately light polluted and hazy skies it is a tough one to find even with a 10″ scope!.I think I was lucky just to find it.

Once I did find it ,I zeroed in on it with the Meade DSI.Below is a better than expected shot that I took.It is a stack of 40 images at 20 seconds per exposure.No filters were used….I don’t own a neb filter and am hoping Santa will bring me one for Christmas 🙂 !. The image was processed with PS Elements and Astronomy tools for Elements was also used.The image was color,contrast enhanced,noise reduced,cropped and resized.


Lets have a Snowball fight!!!


2 Responses to “NGC 7662 (Blue snowball nebula)”

  1. Sweet picture… the DSI is an awesome investment for these nebulas! Of course, live is always better than a photo, as most astrophotographers know. 🙂

  2. Thanks! Meade had a blowout sale on the cameras this summer and were selling them for $99.00.I haven’t had too many opportunities to practice with it,so their is obviously a lot more to learn.I agree that live IS much better than a photo,unless the object is too smal or faint to appreciate visually.

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