Comet 17P/Holmes on November 10th

It has been quite a while since I was able to get a decent view of Comet 17P/Holmes.Actually,it has been a little more than a week.WOW,what a difference a week makes eh?.Comet 17P/Holmes has grown immense as it continues it’s journey through the cosmos and yes,it is still very bright despite reports of it getting dimmer.The halo is becoming rather diffuse as it continues to grow however,it is now also visible to the naked eye.Instead of being just a bright point of light,Comet Holmes can now be seen as a fuzzy patch in the sky using averted vision.The halo is so large that it won’t fit on my laptop screen.I actually had to use my DSLR to see the comet as a whole.Below are 2 images that I shot last night.The first is a wide field image shot with my DSLR at prime focus.It shows what seems to be comet Holmes beginning to move away from the halo(or at least that is what it appears to me).The second image was shot using a Meade DSI (deep sky imager).If you look closely,a faint tail can be seen coming from the comets core.

The images below were shot using a 10″ Meade LXD75 SN.

Image credit: Andrew

comet with dslr

Image below was shot with a Meade DSI…


5 Responses to “Comet 17P/Holmes on November 10th”

  1. Nice job on the comet. I’ve missed my chances to see it and clouds have now rolled into Denver but maybe I’ll still get a peek before its gone.

    I did get a chance to image the Horsehead a few nights ago and it came out pretty decent. Glad to see that you are still enjoying the hobby. I’ve missed you over at Vela 🙂

    Let me know what you think of my latest version at Small Moves.

    Clear Skies,


  2. Looks like the comet is too big to fit in one DSI image for you – I think it’ll exceed mine tomorrow. I’ve been fortunate to miss only three nights since it showed up (two of those were the first night the news came out and then two days later). The shots look good. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks Ed,
    Yeah,the DSI I have noticed doesn’t offer a wide field of view.I imaged the Orion neb a couple months ago and could only manage to image the trapezium.I may give the LPI a try at the comet?!.I like using the DSLR but,it is tough getting a decent focus when I can’t get a bright star in the view finder.You seem to have had some good viewing thus far.Which is good for observing,bad when you need the rain.

  4. Great shots Andrew. I’ve been watching the comet but have yet to photograph it. Hopefully we will have some clear nights this week. I have time now that all the party hoopla you missed is over.

  5. Thank you Michael,
    At the moment,the comet is VERY visible to the naked eye as you well know.The halo (from my site) has come into view.Sorry I wasn’t able to attend the big party as I am sure it was a lot of fun!.Even though I wasn’t there in person,I was there in spirit.I had a few adult beverages that night in your honor.Heh,bad headache the next day as well 🙂 .

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