Comet 17P/Holmes and the DSI

I had honest to goodness clear skies last night for a change and was able to faintly see some dust lanes in the Milkyway from the middle our mighty small city.As small as it is, it is still very difficult to see the Milkyway let alone any dust-lanes due to light pollution.My intentions for the observing session included trying for some galaxies and perhaps some nebs.Here is my step by step time line:

1.Set scope up,level and balance…..Check

2.Align scope with autostar…..Check

3.Irritate scavenging skunk digging into neighbors garbage…..Check

4.Avoid being sprayed by skunk but,causing skunk to stink up the neighborhood…..Double Check!.Ugh,what a horrendous odor!.P.U!!! 😦

Anyhow,after the scope scope was set up, aligned and laptop was connected.I decided to use the Autostars Guided tour library for a quick trip around my sky.One of the first objects I chose was M93 which stood out proudly!.I have taken many images of this Globular cluster before but,never with the DSI.After acquiring many stacked images I moved on.What do I want to see next?.Just as I was thinking this,I looked towards the constellation Perseus and realized that I could easily see the comet from my observing site.NOTE: The other Comet Holmes images that I have posted were from a different area and were imaged with my DSLR.Having never imaged this odd comet using the DSI,I slewed the scope towards Perseus and after some tweaking was able to see it on the monitor.Excuse me but…..Holy Crap!.this thing is HUGE!.It (the halo) barely fit on the imaging screen! 🙂 .I’m used to seeing this comet on the 2″ screen on my DSLR!.With that said,I started taking images and managed to stack about 100 images at 8 seconds exposure per image.The focus was almost spot on but,I still need practice with the different settings.All in all,I am somewhat pleased with the end result.

Image credit: ME!

Imaged with the DSI


8 Responses to “Comet 17P/Holmes and the DSI”

  1. Great image hope to get some observing in this weekend keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Thanks Mark,I will try.I won’t get much observing in this weekend though.We have a nasty storm moving up the East coast with lots of rain and wind. 😦 .

  3. Great Holmes pic! Way better than most I’ve seen so far. Bob Johnson at has some great pics too. Love that halo (and I don’t mean XBox360)!

  4. You have good reason to be pleased with the result! I know I would 🙂

  5. Hi Ingo,actually I was inspired by your image and had to give the DSI a try at it 🙂 .
    Congrats on getting your name mentioned on!.

  6. Nice shot of my fav comet, Gonna try and get a shot of it tonight.

  7. Good luck!.It seems that mother nature has other plans for our skies here in NH.It is cloudy with rain on the way.Maybe Thursday night?.(Fingers are crossed!).

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