Daytime Venus and Sol

I woke up to a email from Calsky stating that the ISS was going to make a moon transit,so after running some morning errands I set the scope up and waited for the event.The last time I caught a ISS transit I had a matter of seconds to get the shot because of a late arrival home from work.Well,this time I made plans and was ready.Unfortunately,because the transit was to happen when the moon was about to set in the west,it was so washed out from the sun light as to make even the most prominent craters indistinguishable.Oh well,maybe next time?!.

While I went through all of the trouble setting the scope up I decided to take a look at Venus.It stood out quite nicely between the high clouds and blue sky.I had a few onlookers as I focused the planet in the eye piece….mostly construction workers who apparently thought I was nuts for having a telescope out at noon time.One of onlookers,who I am guessing was one of the police officers for the Superior courthouse next door,stopped by inquiring as to what I was doing.”Looking at the planet Venus” I said.Huh?,was his first reaction.He then went on to say he thought telescopes were only for the night sky.I asked him if he would like to take a look at our sister planet.He did and I think he was fairly impressed?!.I also showed him the images of the comet that I has taken last night.Again,I think he was impressed?!.

Below are images of Sol and Venus  that I took at 11:45am.Both images were taken with my Pentax DSLR and 25mm eye piece (Venus with a 2x barlow as well).They  have been slightly sharpened and resized using PS Elements.

Image credit:Andrew


Sol between clouds…..



2 Responses to “Daytime Venus and Sol”

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Venus is fun to look at in the day. Like you said, usually surprises people that astronomy can occur during broad daylight. When showing pedestrians Venus in the scope they see that little phased disk just as your picture and say, “I see the Moon but not Venus.”
    Great shots!

  2. Thanks Peter,
    Venus is so bright that it is easily seen….if one knows where to look.Unfortunately,not many people look up to admire the skies beauty which is quite sad even in todays hustle and bustle world.

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