Full Hunters Moon

Under The Moon 

I HAVE no happiness in dreaming of Brycelinde,
Nor Avalon the grass-green hollow, nor Joyous Isle,
Where one found Lancelot crazed and hid him for a while;
Nor Ulad, when Naoise had thrown a sail upon the wind;
Nor lands that seem too dim to be burdens on the heart:
Land-under-Wave, where out of the moon’s light and the sun’s
Seven old sisters wind the threads of the long-lived ones,
Land-of-the-Tower, where Aengus has thrown the gates apart,
And Wood-of-Wonders, where one kills an ox at dawn,
To find it when night falls laid on a golden bier.
Therein are many queens like Branwen and Guinivere;
And Niamh and Laban and Fand, who could change to an otter or fawn,
And the wood-woman, whose lover was changed to a blue-eyed hawk;
And whether I go in my dreams by woodland, or dun, or shore,
Or on the unpeopled waves with kings to pull at the oar,
I hear the harp-string praise them, or hear their mournful talk.

Because of something told under the famished horn
Of the hunter’s moon, that hung between the night and the day,
To dream of women whose beauty was folded in dismay,
Even in an old story, is a burden not to be borne.

W B Yeats (1904).

I just thought the poem above was appropriate!.

Before moving the scope to image Comet 17P/Holmes,I took the time to become moon blind imaging the full Hunters Moon which effectively ruined any dark sky adjustments my eyes had made.Well,not that they were adjusted,since I was able to read the manual settings on my camera without having to use a artificial light source.While I am posting a image of the “Full Hunters moon”,technically it isn’t actually full but,99% illuminated.Eh……..close enough!.I would have taken some images of the real thing but,it has since clouded up and rain is on it’s way.

Image credit:Andrew

Click image to enlarge

Hunters Moon

9 Responses to “Full Hunters Moon”

  1. Thanks 🙂

  2. I’ll give you credit for the full moon this time, but try to do better next time :).


  4. I’m just showing a tough love approach to astrophotography.

  5. That will work!.Keeps my eyes on the prize.Don’t forget the moon and Pleiades occulation tomorrow night.Should make for some nice images!.

  6. nice image…as if i am looking through my scope 🙂

    nice post too 😀

  7. Thanks M13! 🙂

  8. 1MsDaVinci Says:

    Well Done, Sir !!!

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