NGC 7009 (Saturn nebula)

What a nice weekend we are having here in NewHampshire. The temps are unseasonably warm and the skies are clear for perhaps a night of observing.I have had a unexpected change in my life which will temporarily give me more time for stargazing 🙂 .

One the few objects that I imaged the other night was NGC 7009 also known as the Saturn nebula.Through the eyepiece,this neb doesn’t offer much in the form of detail due to light pollution but,when I got it centered on the monitor all I can say is WOW!.I could see more detail than I have ever seen before.I can now see why it was named after the sixth planet.

 Located in the constellation Aquarius,NGC 7009 is approximately 2,400 light years distant and appears as a very small, faint and fuzzy patch.According to SEDS ,it has a visual mag of +8.0,which is being rather generous in my opinion.The 11.5+- mag star can be seen in this image which I have never actually seen before in any of my previous images.Actually,my other images kind of look like green footballs?!.

The image below was shot using a 10″ Meade LXD75 , Meade DSI color and 2x barlow.It is a stack of 85 images at 11.5 second exposure each with darks subtracted.Processing was performed using PS Elements where noise was reduced and contrast and brightness was slightly increased.The image was also cropped and resized.

Image credit:Andrew

Saturn Nebula 


2 Responses to “NGC 7009 (Saturn nebula)”

  1. Nice image of the Saturn nebula! I was looking at that object a couple of weeks ago and it’s rather interesting.

  2. Thanks Phil,As I have written in the post.It was truely amzing to see it on a large monitor rather than the LCD on DSLR.I da nevered captured and true detail until I imaged it with the DSI 🙂 .

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