M57 (The Ring Nebula)

It isn’t too often that I bring my scope out during the week but,last night I made an exception.The skies were almost crystal clear which is what makes fall my favorite season.Knowing that my observing time would be limited (4am comes early)I quickly set up and was aligned by 6:45pm.My main goal for the night was to get more practice with the DSI and it’s settings.I seemed to have some minor issues the last time out with the new camera and wanted to solve the problems.For all intense purposes,I think I made a lot of forward progress *WHEW!*.Things were were going so well in fact,that I lost track of time and before I knew it,it was almost 11pm.Did I mention that I had to be awake by 4am to ready myself for work?.11pm… and I still had to break the equipment down and of course after everything was indoors I had to take a peek at my handy work from the observing session.This peek lasted for almost a hour and it was well after midnight when I came to my senses at which point I finally went to bed.As you might have guessed,my day seemed to last for what seemed like a week!.

 Below is one of two different objects that I targeted and was thrilled to get to see it on the monitor.It did take a bit of time to get it centered though.Not because it was so small or faint but,because I didn’t use the eye piece with the parafocal ring that I normally use to focus the DSI.So the focus was so out of whack that even the brighter stars in the area of the neb were washed out.Have you ever slapped yourself in the head and say”I could have had a V-8″?….hahahaha,I did!.

Located in the constellation Lyra,M57 is approximately 2000 light years distant and shines at a mag 8.8 .

Image is a stack of 100 images at 11.5 seconds exposure each.Cropped,resized and enhanced using PS Elements.



4 Responses to “M57 (The Ring Nebula)”

  1. Came out nice!! I took one too but my “Autosave” was turned off so I ended up with nothing hahahahahha! Oops!

  2. Nice – I can see the star that threw off the ring in your image. While I got the ring in my images of this, I could only barely make out the star at the center, if at all.

  3. Great work Andrew!

  4. Thanks,I had some slightly better images but,in between transfering the images to my desk top I managed to lose a few of them.I don’t know what happened but the images seemed as if they never finished loading. 🙂 oh well,at least I managed to get most of them.

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